Trend Matrix, the meetup series by MBH Fintechlab (ENG)

Are you ready to dive into the world of fintech startups and banking collaborations? Join us for the first event of Trend Matrix, the meetup series by MBH Fintechlab, at Startup Safari! 

Discover compelling use cases and gain valuable insights as industry experts and thought leaders come together to showcase successful and unsuccessful collaborations between fintech startups and banks. Through the discussions, exciting opportunities await you for innovation and partnership. 

The guests of the very first Trend Matrix event will be 

  • Tal Sharon, VP Finance at Ubeya, President of FinTech-Aviv – The Israeli FinTech Association 
  • Piotr Widacki, Founding Partner of Digital Ocean Ventures, founding member of Alior Bank – the fastest growing bank in Poland and the first Polish unicorn 

The host of the event will be Baiba Rozenberga, Head of Startups at MBH Fintechlab. 

Let’s connect with professionals, share knowledge, and be inspired by the pioneers leading the way in fintech and banking collaborations.